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You Are The Scientist


Like most children I have fond memories of experimenting in the kitchen with strange concoctions, making inventions from junk and watching the critters around home. As a parent and teacher I saw that kids still do the same things, and I wanted to support these explorations. The books in You are the Scientist series are my guides to home experiments and explorations. Enjoy the journeys!

Toy Lab

School Library Journal Review
"Toy Lab should pique youngsters’ interest, even those who are not usually drawn to scientific experiments, and give students some ideas for science fair projects as well."
Peg Glisson, Mendon Center Elementary School, Pittsfield, NY

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Indoor Zoo

If you have a cat, dog, or even spiders on your ceiling, you can come up with furry, fun science experiments to discover cool stuff, like whether or not cats really see in the dark. Other kid's experiments will get you started on making your own discoveries about animals at home.


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Junk Lab

“Upper elementary teachers might have a hard time keeping Junk Lab: Stinky, Squishy, Oozy Science on their classroom library shelf. Students will love the cartoon-like graphics and teachers will love how the book engages students in inquiry learning.”
Kim Elpers, NSTA Recommends, 2002


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Kitchen Lab

How can the things that you find in kitchens lead into into ooey, gooey, gloppy fun? Check out Kitchen Lab



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