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Become a Bird and Fly!

The story of a boy who slowly becomes a bird and flies - or does he?
Illustrated by Caldecott award winning artist, Peter Parnall. Millbrook Press.1992.

"As an example of a boy’s imagination making a desire real, Ross and Parnall’s story is exhilarating and powerful...A tribute to the power of imagination and the beauty of wildlife."
Booklist, Jan. 1993

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Faces in all Kinds of Places:
A Worm's Eye View of Flowers

In this delightful story, young readers are introduced to the world of flowers through the eyes of a curious worm as she explores her rooftop. Scientific concepts, language, and facts are presented with simple text, engaging fantasy, and whimsical illustrations. Includes a list of flowers used in the illustrations and a diagram of flower parts.


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Happy Camper Handbook:
A Guide to Camping for Kids and their Parents
(includes book, flashlight and whistle)

This how-to camping book for kids is a humorously informal guide for beginners. Surprisingly thorough, it includes suggestions for getting started in the yard--- or even your bedroom. It covers just about all aspects of camping including map reading, bear bagging, Morse code, games, safety. It includes a small flashlight (to help you avoid getting lost) and whistle (in case you get lost anyway). The book admirably achieves it stated goal: to communicate the joys of camping while teaching safety, responsibility, and stewardship of the out-of-doors.

— Motorland Magazine

First Place
National Park Service Children's Book Award 1996

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What Makes Everything Go?
An Energy Primer

Here's a light-hearted introduction to important energy concepts for children ages five and up. Using whimsical drawings, the author touches on such topics as what is energy, book energy, transfer energy, energy resources, and efficiency. The book has been widely used in classrooms and living rooms to help young people understand a key topic for our age. Well-written, engaging, and entertaining, this is science for kids at its best.

The California Extension Service called this "a charming book which describes energy basics for first to third graders (and children of all ages) through delightful illustrations and a clear text."


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The World of Small:
Nature Explorations with a Hand Lens
(includes book and hand lens)

"Using humorous language and oddball perspective, expressing child-like curiosity, Ross explains how to operate a hand lens and thus enter a "miniature realm [where] a pebble can look like the moon." Nearly 60 different lessons lead to eye-popping observations: bird feathers are zipper, dragonfly wings are stained glass windows, wild seeds are shaped like kayaks (he explains why), a dustball contains elements from other galaxies.
…Of interest to science lovers as well as those who snooze through textbook science, this book is a source of entertainment and reference that could keep some enthusiasts busy for years."

—Publishers Weekly
May 1993

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Kid's Golden Gate:
Guide to Family Adventures in the National Parks at the Golden Gate





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Yosemite Fun Book:
A Kid's Guide to Yosemite

This 'fun book' for children is full of activities designed to entertain kids while they learn about Yosemite. There are lots of pages to color, but this much more than a coloring book. Many outdoor games are presented, as well as ideas for things to do in the park. Using the book, children can design and color an Indian basket pattern, read a Miwok Indian legend, keep a list of the animals they see, learn new campfire songs, tell Yosemite jokes and riddles and more.

Selected by the National Park Service as an Outstanding Children's Publication.

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