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Bug Books


You may have seen one of these before, but have you ever got to know a rolypoly? Have you dreamed of becoming a rolypolyologist. (or snailologist, cricketologist, or wormologist?)

Kids all over the world study bugs. They certainly do in my town, so one day I brought rolypolies to my son’s school. As the kids played with the rolypolies, questions started flying out like popcorn. The questions led to searches, experiments, and more questions. One of the questions was; Are there any books about rolypolies? I searched far and wide, but couldn’t find one. Can you believe that no one had ever written a book about rolypolies?

One day as I was on my mid-day stroll up the mountainside I started singing a very strange song. It had only one word -rolypolyology. Soon the idea for a book with that title unfolded in my mind. I knew I wanted to write a guide to exploring rolypolies. In it are real rolypoly questions from real kids. Better yet there are also accounts of some of the wild experiments devised by kids to explore their questions.


Have you ever wanted to explore the lives of rolypolies or other bugs? Well go ahead and do it. Just remember to be gentle with your little bug friends. Write down what happened and I’ll display as many reports of bug discoveries as I can on a bulletin somewhere in this web page.
Mail me your bug reports!

What do crickets eat?

Elizabeth and Melissa served a caged cricket lettuce, orange, and part of a grilled cheese sandwich.

After watching the cricket closely for several minutes, Elizabeth noted that the cricket seemed to nibbble on the lettuce and the orange but left the sandwich alone. Why do you think the crickets stayed away from the grilled cheese sandwich? What else do you think crickets might snack on?

Backyard Buddies
Available from Carolrhoda Books Inc.

Backyard Buddies

An 8-book series that includes Rolypolyology, Cricketology, Snailology, and Wormology. Each book includes ideas for hands-on explorations.
Order Ladybugology
Order Rolypolyology
Order Wormology
Order Snailology
Order Cricketology
Order Caterpillarology
Order Spiderology
Order Millipedeology
Backyard Buddies
Backyard Buddies
Backyard Buddies
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"These delightful books will appeal to the budding backyard scientist lurking in many elementary school age children. As an introduction to science, I can’t imagine a better resource. Every elementary school child and especially teachers of elementary level science deserve to have one of these books"
- Literary Lagniappe (3/96)

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